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Full Service Fun Fairs

(303) 427-7443

Everything you need for a great “FUN FAIR” Carnival delivered to your school:  Booths, games, prizes, tickets, game signs, and a Fun Services Representative to stay at your event! Games are “programmed” for your group to make up to 50% PROFIT!

 We arrive two hours before the start of your event to help with set-up, the Fun Services Representative stays at your event, and we help with take-down when your event is over!

 All prizes are on consignment after a $750.00 minimum prize billing is reached.  Total Redemption OR Regular Consolation prize programs are available!

 Discounted rental charge for booth/game combo! (Regular price: $55.00 per booth/game combo.  Discounted price: $25.00 per booth/game combo)

 “School Specials” discounts on select concessions, jumps and helium!

 If your organization completes another program (Santa’s Secret Shop/Holiday Gift Shop and/or an All-School Fundraiser) with us, then the $25.00 per game/booth rental charged is waived, (that means it’s FREE!)