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Midway Game Rentals- Westminster, Colorado

Please Call for Pricing- (303) 427-7443

Difficulty-Easy Games

Amazo Amazo Roll 3 balls and match the colored slots
Beat the Teacher Teacher Three players race the teacher on a game board
Color Wheel Color Choose a lucky color and win on the spin
Duck & Fish Pond Pond Catch a fish or duck and win a prize

Finish Line Finish

First one to the finish line wins!

Lollipop Tree Lollipop Choose a lollipop with a colored tip to win!
Lose Your Coconuts Coconuts Shoot three balls into the winning spots
Plinko Plinko Drop the tokens through the pins and aim for the slots

Poster Toss Poster

Toss a ring around a poster to win

Shoot the Chute Chute

Roll a crazy block down a slide to win

Spin Art SpinArt

Create your own design on a card, electricity required

String Pull String

Match the characters to win a prize!

Prize is Right PIR

Open the door to a winning prize

Toy Walk ToyWalk Operates the same as a cake walk, only with toys

Difficulty- Medium Games
5 Pin Bowling 5Pin Three pucks to knock down five pins
7-Eleven 7Eleven Toss two balls, add up your score, win!
Alley Oops Alley Roll three balls down and add up the points
Bank Shot Bank Shoot a cue ball off the bank into the hole

Bean Bag Game BeanBag Three bags, try to get all three into the target
Bottle Bash Bottle Knock over the picture of the bottles to win
Bronco Toss bronco Ring a bottle to win
Can Smash Can Two bags, knock the cans off the shelf

Bottle Toss BT

Throw the ball underhand and knock the bottles over

Flip-A-Frog Flip

Hit the launcher to make the frogs flip into the can

Football Toss Football

Throw three footballs through to the net

Golf Game Golf

A mini golf hole with putter and golf ball. A hole in one wins!

Home Run Derby HomeRun

See how many home runs you can get!

Odd Ball OddBall

Roll the ball down the ramp, into the winning spot!

Pit Stop Pit

Roll the car through the wreck, into the pit area

Potato Smash Potato

Hit the launcher to flip Mr. Potato Head into the box

Potty Toss Potty Toss three balls into the potty to win
Rainbow Roll Rainbow Roll the balls into the center of the rainbow to win
Raptor's Nest Raptor Toss the "eggs" into the nest to win
Ring-A-Rascal Rascal Ring the character with a ring to win

Roller Bowler Bowler Roll the bowling ball soft enough to stay in the valley
Saucer Toss Saucer Throw the frisbee into the slots to win
Shoot Two Shoot2 Make both baskets to win
Shuffle Alley Shuffle Get three pucks in a row to win

Slam Dunk SlamDunk Hit the launcher to make a basket
Slap Shot Slap Get the puck past the goalie to win
Strike it Lucky Strike Knock down the pins, just like bowling
Tic Tac Toe TTT Toss three balls to try and get a tic tac toe

Tiki Toss Tiki

Bounce as many balls into the cups as possible

Tip The Cat Cat

Knock down three cats with bean bags to win

Tip the Clown Clown

Knock down three clowns with bean bags to win

Vortex Vortex

Try to knock the floating ball out of the air stream

Win-Lose-Draw WLD

Try to get the balls aligned to win

Difficulty- Hard Games
Ball Bingo BallBingo Toss ten wood balls, any bingo wins
Basket Toss Basket Try to keep all three balls in the wicker basket to win
Blitz Blitz Roll a marble down the field to score a touchdown
Bucket Toss Bucket Toss balls into the buckets. Get a high enough score, you're a winner!

Cage 'Em Cage

Drop ping pong balls to get three in a row

Cover the Dot CTD

Toss three dots until you the dot is all covered to win

Crazy Colors Crazy

Match the wiffle balls into the same color to win

Crossbow Darts Crossbow

Shoot a crossbow with suction darts at the target

Dart Balloon Dart

With three darts, try to pop three balloons

Hole in One HIO

Roll the ball into the hole to be winner

Horseshoe Toss Horseshoe

Toss the horseshoe, get a ringer, get a winner!

Kool Pool KP

Hit the 8 ball without moving the chip out of the circle

Marble Game Marble Roll six marbles into the same color to win
Milk Can Toss MilkCan Toss three balls into the can to win
Over and Under OverUnder Six balls to total over thirty or under eleven
Pop-Up PopUp Bounce the ping pong ball into the cup to win

Reckless Roller Reckless Navigate the ball to the end to win
Ring Toss Ring Ring five wood pegs and you're a winner
Ringo Bingo RingoBingo Throw the rings onto the pegs to make a bingo
Roll 300 Roll Roll three balls and get a score over 300 to win

Soccer Kick Soccer Try to kick a goal to score on the goalie
Stand It Stand Stand up the soda bottle with a ring on a string
Suction Darts Suction Throw the safety darts to stick to the target
Three of a Kind TOAK Roll three of the same number to win

Wacky Wire Wacky

Don't touch the wire, or you're not a winner!