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Fun Fair Responsibilities

(303) 427-7443

  • We supply game booths.
  • We supply games and game supplies.
  • We provide great prizes!
  • Our trained and knowledgeable staff stay with you for the duration.
  • We supervise and help with set-up of the event along with 3-4 helpers from your group.
  • Our arrival will be approximately 2 hours before start of the event.
  • We provide both verbal and written game instructions to your booth workers.
  • We supply tickets or wristbands at no cost.
  • We provide game signs.
  • We supervise the take-down of booths and games immediately at end of event.
  • (Again 3-4 helpers required)
  • Your Group

    You choose the games.  Allowed amount of games will depend on your enrollment:
    200-399 students:  8-10 games
    400-499 students:  10-12 games
    500+ students:  12-15 games

    You supply 3-4 adult helpers for set-up and take down.
    You coordinate all adult booth workers.
    You supply 1 table for each game.

    Interested? Call us at (303) 427-7443 for more details!