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Fun Services Team Building

Our team building activities are designed to create powerful group cohesiveness and long lasting relationships. When considering employee motivation, compensation and benefits may come second to a company culture that inspires and includes workers. At Fun Services, our mission is to help clients build stronger teams and ignite corporate change.

Fun Services has many great team building options. We have featured a few below.


Fun Services will supply equipment for up to 12 traditional picnic games such as balloon toss, sack race, tug-o-war and more. Our Fun-a-Thalon is great for groups looking to let loose, have fun and build those bonding relationships which are a must for successful teams. Our team building specialists are experts at organizing and insuring your group fully benefits from the Fun-A-Thalon experience. These games can be designed for children, adults or both. The games include all equipment, pennants, banner and award ribbons.

Chili Cook Off


A Chili Cook-Off to top all Chili Cook-Off's. Led by a Wild West Sheriff, this fast moving event keeps participants' energy at it's highest. Each team has a station equipped with a butane burner, chili pot and cooking utensils. A general store is stocked with all the possible ingredients needed to make several different kinds of chili. Team members compete in western games, winning Chili Bucks used to buy their chili making ingredients. After the cooking and games, guests may enjoy a western dinner, featuring the chili they have prepared. We can also substitute apple pie for chili to make it a sweet treat!

Tour de Charity


Presenting the Tour de Charity, a team building event where your efforts benefit not only your employees, but also a local charity. Participants win "biker bucks" by playing a series of games. With these bucks, they buy tricycle parts, tools and art supplies to construct and design the most creative tricycle. Following a parade of these amazing creations, the tricycles are donated to the charity of your choice. An exciting, energetic event that provides a generous and heartfelt gift.

Inflatable Challenge


Teams of employees are challenged on one or more of Fun Services interactive inflatable activities. Race through the obstacle course, battle at the sumo wrestling or manuever your body to win at the Giant Twister! Let our team put together a fun filled afternoon that will keep your team entertained and laughing for hours!